Care package - Large
Care package - Large
Care package - Large

    Care package - Large


      Why not send a loved one a package of special treats along with a little note to say your thinking about them. 


      This package contains:

      Biscuits (4 boxes) - 2 x Chocolate Toffee, 1 x Strawberry & Cream, 1 x Double Choc Chip

      Fudge (4 Boxes) - 2 x Vanilla, 1 x Sea salt & Caramel, 1 x Irish Cream 

      Jelly sweets (4 Bags) - 1 x Unicorn, 1 x Strawberry Dreams, 1 x Sour Apples, 1 x Sour Bears

      Confectionery (2 Boxes) - 1 x Dark Chocolate Apricots, 1 x Assorted Chocolate Coffee Beans


      Price includes delivery anywhere in the UK

      Product variants may change dependant on stock levels 

      Disclaimer:  Packaging may contain international pricing label and contains a good shelf life. Back of pack format may differ slightly. 

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